ALLAN COLE is a best-selling author, screenwriter and former prize-winning newsman. The son of a CIA operative, Cole was raised in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. His works include the groundbreaking science fiction series Sten, fantasy novels such as the Timura Trilogy and the Far Kingdoms series. His other books range from the landmark Vietnam novel, A Reckoning For Kings, and the Civil War novel, The Wars Of The Shannons, to nonfiction books like Lucky In Cyprus and Tales Of The Blue Meanie. This site is the creation Joel Cash, Webmaster extraordinaire and Allan’s right hand man for lo these many years.


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THE STEN SERIES: Hailed as a "landmark science fiction series," the Sten novels have thrilled millions of readers all over the world. Set three thousand years in the future, the eight Sten adventures tell the tale of a tough, street-wise orphan who escapes his fate as factory planet "delinq" to become the strong right-hand of the most powerful man in the Universe—a virtually immortal figure known to his billons of subjects as "The Eternal Emperor. " The source of the Eternal Emperor's power is his complete control over a mysterious fuel - called Anti-Matter Two (AM2). It drives the star ships that link the Empire to its far-flung frontiers and provides the energy for all industry and commerce. For a quick tour of the eight Sten novels, check out the sample chapters here.

When The Gods Slept - Classic Cover

THE TIMURA TRILOGY: Inspired by Omar Khayyam’s “Rubaiyat,” as well as the life and times of that ancient poet/astronomer, the Timura novels follow the struggles of a village lad – the son of a potter - who  rises to become chief wizard and wazier to a mighty conqueror. Betrayed by the man who called him friend and brother, Safar must battle the darkest magic and a growing world-wide disaster to save all he holds precious. As side note: I first discovered the Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam at a market stall when I was a boy in Cyprus at a time when the island looked very much like Safar’s ancient world. Dip into the sample chapters of the three books and see for yourself why the books have become to be praised as “fantasy classics.” The books are: When The Gods Slept, Wolves Of The Gods, and The Gods Awaken.

Cover of "The Far Kingdoms"
THE FAR KINGDOMS: This critically acclaimed quartette was considered one of the best fantasy series of the 90’s. Two of the four books were finalists in World SF/Fantasy competitions. All four of the covers – by Tom Kidd – were winners of the World SF/Fantasy cover art competition. The novels were inspired by the sagas of history’s great explorers who returned home recounting the many wonders they encountered, a few of which were even true. Of particular note to us was Sir Richard Burton – not the actor, but the great 19th Century explorer who traced the source of the Nile and translated the Arabian Nights. Some critics have even waxed poetic in their praise of the Far Kingdoms novels, saying that if Scheherazade had gone on after her thousand and one tales, that these four stories would sure be among them. See for yourself while reading the sample chapters: The Far Kingdoms, A Warrior’s Tale, Kingdoms Of The Night, and The Warrior Returns.  

Cover of 'Freedom Bird'

FREEDOM BIRD: During the Vietnam War, GI’s who managed to survive their tour of duty were flown home in chartered airliners they dubbed “Freedom Birds.” This “lost” Bunch & Cole novel tells the tale of three young men, from wildly different backgrounds, who meet on such a plane. They make a pact to spend three days together partying it down in San Francisco – before heading home to civilian lives. But they get more than they bargained for, because when they land it July 1967, a time that would come to be known as the “Summer Of Love.” It’s a place and time where each young man will have to confront the ghosts who followed him home from the jungles of Vietnam and contemplate a future none had imagined. In the opening chapter you will find a scene very much like the one my writing partner, the late Chris Bunch, experienced when he flew home from Vietnam on his own “Freedom Bird.” It was that conversation, related to me years ago, that inspired the novel. You will see what I mean when you read the sample chapter here.

Cover of A Reckoning For Kings

Set during the Tet Offensive of 1968, "Reckoning" tells the tale of one of America’s most crucial battles. It was during Tet that America won the battle, lost the war. For the first - and only - time in fiction, "Reckoning" tells the tale from both points of view. The book deliberately invites the reader to make up his or her own about the war. There are thirty major characters portrayed in "Reckoning" - a novel that took three full years to complete. Fifteen of the characters are American, the others are America's enemies - North Vietnamese, or Viet Cong.. The link between friend and foe is their relative youth. Wars are fought by young men and women, in their teens or their early twenties. Chris and I hoped readers would focus on the plight of the young soldiers, sent out to work the will of old men who stayed well out of harm’s way . Read the sample chapters and see for yourself.

Cover of 'A Daughter Of Liberty'

A DAUGHTER OF LIBERTY: The year is 1778 and the Revolutionary War has young America trapped in a crossfire of hatred and fear. Diana, an indentured servant escapes her abusive master with the help of Emmett Shannon, a deserter from the desperate American army at Valley Forge. They fall in love and marry, but their happiness is soon shattered and Diana Shannon must learn to survive on her own. Determined to honor a pledge she made to her lover, Diana will become a true woman of her times, blazing a path from lawless lands in the grips of the Revolution, to plague-stricken Philadelphia, to the burning of Washington in the War of 1812. This book is a prequel to “Reckoning,” and was inspired by the hero of that book – Dennis Shannon – who observes that a Shannon has served in every American war since The French And Indian Wars. Read the sample chapters here.

THE WARS OF THE SHANNONS: Young Patrick Shannon is the heir-apparent to the Shannon fortune, but murder and betrayal at a family gathering send him fleeing into the American frontier, with only the last words of a wise old woman to arm him against what would come. And when the Civil War erupts he finds himself fighting on the opposite side of those he loves the most. In The Wars Of The Shannons we see the conflict, both on the battlefield and the homefront, through the eyes of Patrick and the other members of his extended Irish-American family as they struggle to survive the conflict that ripped the new nation apart, and yet, offered a dim beacon of hope. This long awaited sequel to “Daughter” fell by the wayside over the years and has only just been rescued from the back of the closet. For a sample of a novel that took Chris and I over two years to research and write, click here.  

Cover of Lucky In Cyprus

LUCKY IN CYPRUS - A True Story About A Boy, A Teacher, An Earthquake, Some Terrorists And The CIA: LUCKY IN CYPRUS is a coming-of-age story set in the Middle East during the height of the Cold War. An American teenager - son of a CIA operative - is inspired by grand events and a Greek Cypriot teacher to learn about survival and his art. He witnesses earthquakes and riots and terrorist attacks, but in the end it is his teacher's gentle lessons that keep him whole. Based on my life as a CIA brat, Lucky In Cyprus has won many accolades: "Bravo, Allan! When I finished Lucky In Cyprus I wept." - Julie Mitchell, Hot Springs, Texas; "Lucky In Cyprus brought back many memories of those days. A wonderful book. So many shadows blown away!" - Freddy & Maureen Smart, Episkopi, Cyprus. "... (Reading) Lucky In Cyprus has been a humbling, haunting, sobering and enlightening experience..." - J.A. Locke, To read the sample chapters, click here.

Cover of Tales of the Blue Meanie

TALES OF THE BLUE MEANIE: In the depths of the Sixties and The Days Of Rage, a young newsman, accompanied by his pregnant wife and orphaned teenage brother, creates a Paradise of sorts in a sprawling Venice Beach community of apartments, populated by students, artists, budding scientists and engineers lifeguards, poets and bikers as well as a few junkies thrown in for good measure. The inhabitants came to call the place “Pepperland,” after the Beatles movie, “Yellow Submarine.” Threatening this paradise is The Blue Meanie, a crazy giant of a man so frightening that he eventually even scares himself. Like Lucky In Cyprus, this is another autobiographical journey. With hell-hounds on my heels I fled to the relative safety of a mysterious land, whose inhabitants reached out and embraced me. Check out the sample chapters here.

Cover of "A Cop's Life"

Christmas, 1953: While the rest of Philadelphia sings “Jingle Bells,” Thomas Grubb gets his first taste of a cop’s life. Before he cashes his first paycheck he encounters: A man gutted by a knife-wielding mugger; A fighting-mad “mental case” intent on destroying a hospital emergency room; The hushed-up shooting death of an undercover cop. That initial week is nothing compared to what lies ahead. Working as a street cop, an undercover officer, a detective and finally gang control, Grubb will spend the next thirty years going toe-to-toe with all the fast-changing and sometimes violent events that have rocked American society. A Cop’s Life: The remarkable story of a truly remarkable man. I wrote this book with my late uncle, Thomas Grubb, and it was greeted with many accolades, including the most valuable of all, his fellow police officers. Here are just a few: "'A Cop's Life'" is a must read by anyone who ever wore the uniform or badge!" - Robert V. Eddie, Recording Secretary Philadelphia Lodge #5 Fraternal Order of Police; "If you like the inside story, if you like dealing with facts and not fluff, then you will love reading 'A Cop's Life!'"- Michael G. Lutz, President, Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Police; "I thoroughly enjoyed 'A Cop's Life.'" It was both witty and right on target." - Bill Pawley Inspector, Retired, Philadelphia Police. Check out the sample chapters here.
Cover of "Drowned Hopes"
DROWNED HOPES - Lost In Paradise: Ellen thought she'd hit bottom when her lover left her and the authorities in Jamaica closed her gallery and seized her paintings. She hoped to start a new life and career in Boca Raton, Florida. But there she finds that her mother is in the throes of Alzheimer's and her powerful attorney brother is squeezing her small inheritance dry. When she tries to fight back, she strays into the web of one of the nastiest villains to step out of the hellfires. With death and humiliation staring her in the face and no one to help her, Ellen has to call upon resources she's never tapped before to save herself and her mother. This is the first book in what I call my “Boca Cycle” and my first attempt at a mystery/suspense novel. Of course, I’d written literally scores of such things in Hollywood, but never in novel form. I was gratified that it won no little praise – this review for example from reviewer Josephine Anna Kaszuba Locke. Be sure to check out the sample chapters here.  


MACGREGOR - Addison Mizner Flagler Titus Broward MacGregor has roots buried deep in Florida soil, and given his choice he'd spend his days enjoying the sand and surf and the pleasures of Boca Raton. Unfortunately, too many years on the dark side as a CIA operative have given him a need to help when no one else will. When his housekeeper's granddaughter is kidnapped, it's a given that Mac will step in. Before too long he's a target for a pair of ruthless, if somewhat clumsy, killers whose one assignment is to make sure he doesn't live long enough to discover a secret plan, condoned by the CIA, to use kidnapped children as bribes to gain the cooperation of third-world dictators. Time is running out as Mac enlists the help of his frog-obsessed scientist cousin, Mad Albert, to track down the kidnapper's lair before the children are shipped offshore to a fate straight out of a horror movie. This is the second book in “The Boca Cycle” and I had so much fun with it, I’m considering writing another starring the same character. Read the sample chapters here.


THE HATE PARALLAX, by Allan Cole and Russian Fantasy Master Nick Perumov, is getting a new lease on life on American shores, thanks to Wildside Books. A best seller in Europe and Russia, the book languished here under its old title: Lords Of Terror. Nick and I reworked the book and Wildside is publishing under a new title and cover. The Hate Parallax presumes that the Cold War never ended, and instead lasted for a thousand years. The destruction of a holiday star-cruise liner sets the stage for a Galaxy-wide confrontation. You can read a sample chapter here.

 And you can buy the book as a Trade Paperback, or as an e-book in all the popular formats. Check it out at Allan's Bookstore.


Cover of Buck Rogers DVD

, and let’s not forget The Incredible Hulk, were shows that were very, very good to me and my former writing partner, the late Chris Bunch, as you’ll no doubt discover if you follow the Hollywood blog at the top of the page. Those shows – and others, like Quincy, The Rockford Files, Hunter, Werewolf, Walker, Texas Ranger - basically supported us, while we got our book careers going. They are all available now in just about any form for home viewing, from Cable Reruns to DVD Blue Ray to streaming video at Check out my filmography and see the complete list of the shows and the stars we worked with. And if you want to satisfy your junk-tv yearnings now, here are some links for immediate viewing: Buck Rogers’ Ardala Returns, Buck Rogers’ Space Rockers, The A Team Pure Dee Poison, The Incredible Hulk The Long Run Home, Incredible Hulk The Lottery, and many, many more.

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MEET WEBMASTER JOEL CASH - I first met Joel via the Internet in 1995. An admirer of the Sten series, Joel happened upon my new – and very primitive web site - and a fast friendship was soon formed. I learned that Joel was a native of Kansas, a proud father of a son, Nick, and a daughter, Rachel. In his business life, Joel was absorbing everything he could about the technologies that have changed the face of the world. Since then, his computer talents –  already impressive
- have accelerated at warp speed, and after moving from one position of great responsibility to another, he was finally snapped up by First National Bank of Liberal (Kansas) where he is a member of the bank's senior staff and the Director of Information Services. His duties include creating the bank's strategic and tactical technology plan to serve and protect his customers and their confidential data. It’s apparent from this well-designed and extensive web site you are looking at that I have benefited greatly from Joel’s expertise, as has his company. But that says nothing of the close friendship we formed. However, in all that time we had never met in person. That small, missing part was resolved when Joel flew out to Florida for a business trip. He managed to squeeze in a few personal days, which he spent with myself and my wife, Kathryn, in Boca Raton. And what a glorious time we had. Dinners were eaten, stregg quaffed, beaches were strolled, sights were seen – including Joel’s first ride on an airboat and an encounter with alligators – and many a night crept into the wee hours as we solved all the world’s problems many times over. We were sorry to see him go and we both miss his smiling face and dry wit. But that’s the nice thing about the Twenty First Century. These days your friends are only the click of the mouse away.  

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